it amazes me that i can chat with my bff in affrica

but i can.

4:43 AM Chris: you are up! wow! i was just reading your blog. are you ok? questioning god?? you?

me: baby you know better than to pay attention to that. i had this chick over from fox here the night before i wrote that and she was drunk and saying how she was drunk and she didnt care and that she wanted to go to bed with me and i was all hmmmm and i thought to myself that its rape if you bang drunk girls so i said i will sleep on the couch
4:44 AM but wouldnt let me sleep on the couch, so she made me sleep in my bed with her.

Chris: okay. weird post.

4:45 AM me: yes

Chris: you not wanting action??

me: just waiting on you baby

Chris: yeah, right. ha

me: well last night i went out with the one who a few years ago ran out of my house after i showed her my drivers liscense. it was fun. i felt odd in a good way.

Chris: that’s awesome.

4:46 AM me: i might take her to see the Jesus and Mary Chain on thursday if she ever decides to write me back. scarlett johannson might sing backup for them

Chris: no way. that sounds fun!

4:47 AM me: indeed, and then the next day starts Coachella, friday is bjork, arcade fire, and sonic youth

4:48 AM Chris: unbelievable. i’m missing a lot!
including you.

me: awwww
youre not gonna miss that much. and it will be expensive and hot
Chris: yeah. it’s damn expensive.
karisa doesn’t want to go?
4:50 AM me: hmmm, i never really asked her since its three days long
but i guess she might want to go for one day
however her arm is still in a cast so maybe not
i miss you so baby
i think of you every day

Chris: i think of you too.
4:51 AM when i read some things on your blog…i know some aren’t true…
but i don’t want you to be too lonely.

me: thanks baby
im not at all lonely
in the slightest

4:52 AM Chris: ok. good.
where did you get the picture your latest post? that was an awesome photo.

me: ahahah thats old. that is like 2 years old i guess
4:56 AM when i was dating kirstin dunst

Chris: the photo?? ah

me: i took her to antis house and thats his crazy big bong
that was for 4/20 day’s post. you should teach the africans kids about 4/20 😉
Chris: ha mmm no.

me: ahaha ok
i thought of you today because i was watching a hitchcock movie that id never seen
and we saw so many together

Chris: which one?

4:59 AM me: foreign correspondent, 1940

Chris: don’t think i’ve seen that one either! i thought of you this weekend also because i watched little miss sunshine…

me: oh you did! did you love it?!!?1

5:00 AM Chris: yes! it was awesome. everyone was perfect in it too.

me: ahahaah how on earth did you get it?
bootleg or something?

5:01 AM Chris: there’s a movie “rental” place in mukono, 45 minutes away.
it’s a decent copy.

me: wow!

Chris: he had a ton of movies…

5:02 AM me: dvd rentals in a third world country? in one of the poorest places in the world?

5:03 AM Chris: well, it’s weird. you pay 20,000 for a membership… which is about 10 bucks. most people end up renting the dvd and then “vanishing”.
you can rent as many as you want. kind of a dumb buisness….because there’s no license, credit card.

5:04 AM but! he lets teresa and me rent as many as we want. because we return them.

me: so insane

Chris: yep. the life that is uganda.
endless stories.

5:05 AM me: i hope youre writing them down!

Chris: some.
need to write more.
but seriously tony.
everything is crazy here.
Chris: yesterday, i saw a girl have one of the worst epileptic fits i’ve seen in a long time here.
it was so bad she urinated on herself.

me: oh no!

Chris: the person responsible had “forgtten’ to give her meds for 2 days.
poor girl.

5:08 AM me: the tribe should stone the one responsible!!

Chris: haha
no, no.
the girl also needs to learn to go to the matron for meds.
it’s both…

5:09 AM i’m finding solace in movies at the moment.
me: good idea
Chris: seems to help.
i love them.
at first i didn’t here becuase i would actually get homesick becuase the reality is so different.
but now, i’m happy. also the entire 2nd season of CSI
watched all night last night.

[deleted scene]

5:20 AM Chris: awesome.
hey tony…
i’ve gotta run.
i’lll try to find you again soon this week.
so happy you were online!
5:21 AM me: me too!
Chris: i didn’t say hi because i assumed you would be asleep.
won’t make that mistake again.
me: ahahah
you never know
i love you baby
Chris: it’s true.
me: keep saving the world
Chris: lots of love to yo too….
not saving the world.
5:22 AM hardly.
you will like this.

Select the ‘Uganda Bound’ link at the bottom of the page. 🙂
5:23 AM me: ok will do!
Chris: the nice opticians mention me.
very sweet.
they are the generous ones.

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