look out, april is poetry month.

are we in april already?

Azreal Darkskies was nice enough to interview me for poetry month even though i havent written a poem in several thousand years.

but he has a link to an mp3 by the balancing act, one of my all time favorite LA bands who are so superunknown it’s actually amazing. amazing because it makes you wonder how many other really great bands are just waiting out there for you to discover them, like digging just below the surface of your backyard and finding dinosaur bones.

or in this case gold.

What does Tony Pierce define as poetry?

Words magically turned to art.

Any form or meter or structure you’re fond of?

sometimes you just rip off each others clothes and knock over things and bang the hell out of each other like animals. sometimes youre gentle and slow and soft and caring and you whisper sweet things and bang hard at the end. sometimes you just slip a blanket over her skirt on the crowded plane sneak a hand under the blanket and just barely move one finger. meter and structure should fit the scene and the

Do you think poetry isn’t as respected a medium as it should be?

poetry is respected. the modern poet however is justly ridiculed.

What’re your thoughts on words?

they’re one of the few great equalizers. a huge dick being another.

read the rest of the interview here, and it includes one of my favorite baseball poems, and not just because it involves a dude from the white sox getting punched in the face.

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