theres a lot of things that make things complicated

me, i aspire for a simple life. i dont buy fancy clothes. im quite happy in my one bedroom apartment. and the fact that the Lord delivered LA a thunderous rainstorm this morn to wash any messes away from my front porch.

but sometimes complications still arrive.

todays 420 day and it should have been a totally mellow day but instead it greeted me with a variety and rush of emotions and odd circumstances. worst of all was one of our stories on LAist was properly put on the front page of digg only to be removed.

as a man who does his best to stifle any and all emotion, except for when watching televised sports, getting on digg and then being yanked off pushes dusty buttons delivering high highs and low lows.

LAst night we had our LAist drink night at the Prince over by the Ambassador Hotel. such a cool place. we had like 15 people maybe 20 maybe 25. easilly the biggest group in the place but for some reason the korean women refused to ask us if we wanted more drinks and didnt find it necessary to clean off the tables as we drank.

totally fascinating. youd think they would have wanted us to drink drink drink but it was almost as if they didnt want anything to do with us. still i tipped well because im a fool.

and then i left something important there that i hope they will give back if they found.

its nerve wracking.

just like todays cubs game,

too many emotions in one day. far too many.

i took the train to koreatown last night. the subway that is. and i wasnt the only one. i think four or five of us did, seperately.

thats how it oughtta be.

i think im going to see a film this weekend. hot fuzz i think she called it.

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