heres the only problem with girls

burning man 2007

they cant read minds.

sometimes you just want the chick to come over and be sweaty with and maybe get some ice cream and maybe catch up on big brother after dark and fa la la.

but best laid plans you end up walking all the way down to the 24 hour laundrymat then back then still walking mind you down the scariest part of nowhere

daring someone anyone to summon your superpowers

see a man moaning face first on the ground and consider saving his life but no, too pissed, too hot, too no good at esp with college girl

mrrraaaawwww the drunken man growls

keep walking, very thirsty, sorta hungry cuz you were gonna go out and eat ice cream with her.

100 degrees in the sunshine of the day but now its night and its in the 90s everyone is on their stairwells its 10pm you esp to the world please make her go home

but you keep walking. down to the transvestite burrito place. look at all those kids in there. dont their parents know? down across the freeway. look how low to the ground these banisters are, someone could almost accidentally slip right into the 101,

that would never fly in chicago.

walking walking people outside people in shadows. looks like a gangster in a wheel chair with his homies by a tree. here i am you say to them all.

here i am.