how hard is it to just give it to the superstar?

aint but one fucking superstar on the whole field, and pretty much every time he gets the ball something awesome happens. yet people try to figure out reasons why guys like rex grossman and some of these other people have the ball.

then other people were dropping the ball.

sure the superstar dropped the ball a few times too but thats because hes feeling the pressure of the entire damn city on his shoulders.

you shoulda heard him after the game. so sad.

because his country grammar is thicker than nellys you can never understand what hes saying whether hes happy or sad but you didnt even wanna look at the screen today after that game because it was almost like

how many 97 yard runs do i need to make in a game?

the bears are doomed.

everyones hurt. fucking detroit aint got shit and yet they get 37 points against ditka? shit.

wasnt hate week supposed to be over? isnt rocktober supposed to be the month of love? venus? world series miracles? blogstocks? etc?

if the bears in october look anything like the bears in september id hate to be my tv.