last night LAist went over 900,000 page views in a month

which would have been fine if our goal was 900k, it was 1 million.

but we had some irons in the fire and i woke up this morning, puked, pissed, and brushed my teeth and checked the stats and the numbers were unreal

if i wasnt dreaming. if my eyes werent deceiving me, we had already gotten over 100,000 page views in the middle of the night pushing us over a million as we slept. as in during the wee hours. as in the hours that IM not even awake.

in fact we are very close to getting more people coming to LAist today than came there all month of October – the month that i drove around the country to try to raise awareness to our blog.

oh look at this, the new numbers are in, and yes, before noon today we had more people come to LAist than all of the month of october of last year.

10pm update: will will come near 300k for the day

what do you think i prayed for last night?

i prayed for the cubs to clinch today. i prayed for karisas dad to get better. i prayed for my mom to be able to retire soon. i prayed for chris to be safe in africa. and i prayed for LAist to have a miracle today.

miracle accomplished.

i know that to achieve anything at LAist over these past 15 months ive had to sacrifice a lot of things – most of all the world famous busblog. so i am especially grateful to all the surviving readers of this blog who have hung in there with me as i try to figure out the proper


as a good friend reminded me of the other day.

libras are supposed to be the best at balance as our symbol is the scales.

all i can say is i think the busblog has improved a little bit over the last few months. and ive given this blog some exclusives that i probably shouldnt have. but in the long run every one has won.

pretty much.

and today we all win.

so when you drink something fermented tonight, think of LA