boing boing is the most popular blog of all time

its also based in LA

mark and xeni have been very nice to me ever since i met them back at this panel called live from the blogosphere.

anyways today mark linked to my story about the most deceptive sign in LA.

because i was raised right, not only do i give ladies flowers, who deserve them, from time to time, but i enjoy it. but each flower stand and place is different and im always looking for a better one.

near my house i saw this sign and i was all – nice! but then i got closer to the sign and i was all – not nice! and took a picture and put it on the web.

its amazing to see it go from my corner to LAist to stumbleupon to the museum of hoaxes to marvin the martian to reddit and now to boingboing.

i like to think of it as turning something bad into something good.

so thanks mark. say hi to xeni for mi!