i thought i had seen it all after five years on the busblog

but the last month on LAist, and in these comments.
and in real life.

ive had people tell me to do certain things. me, tony pierce. king of the world. master of everything. teller of things, not doer of fuckers.

one guy said we were covering thai food too much.
one guy told me my pictures were blurry.
one guy told me not to brag or complain.
one guy told me that a year old thing i had written was bad.
one guy told me my boss should fire me. two guys. and then they wrote him.
two ladies on the red carpet seriously told me to only let them talk to the A listers, not only as if i wasnt standing there, but as if me standing there was in their way.
one guy yelled at me because his 8 yr old daughter Could have seen the word fuck on the screen of his Yahoo RSS Reader
one guy yelled at me because we put pictures of weed on the web
and one guy said that because some of our writers and photographers have taken pictures of Spoon, that somehow we had disinfranchised him

and God made me editor of this shit because
little did anyone know how many different ways there are to say
blow me

i did.

i was horrible on the radio today because she sat across from me smoking menthols and not laughing not talking not loving not looking

she sat there and smiled as she went through all of my magazines and watched me sweat from technical difficulties and cellphones ringing and text messages.

whens it over she wrote on a post it.

never id say.

rock n roll radio greatest station in the world…

consumerist had linked the flower sign thing after boing boing did
stumbleupon kept stumbling and yet she was so unimpressed with everything

do you ever clean?

and we talked about my maid as i played music to the canadians and tried to burn mp3s but they were mp4s because iTunes is mean and all the others are dumb

but she hung. in her cut offs.

on one of the last summer nights left
before school starts

i think even the cops had a judge serve us for our server records.