bob dylan has a new greatest hits coming out

cbs/sony writes me even though we dont write about their stuff usually.
but they understand.
but when you tell me anything about bob dylan im gonna be interested.
so the guy sent me to this online video jukebox
thats been playing all morning on my laptop.
its just one great song after another.
however when it got to my favorite dylan tune and video jokerman
i had to play it again, light up, and sit back and watch.
1983. 23 years after debuting.
if springsteen was supposed to be the new dylan then the boss should be
doing this sorta thing now.
which hes snot.
cuz theres only one dylan.
which is why the lord is keeping him here.

got a phone call this evening from the health department

seems i had forgotten to take my second Hep immunization. i was scheduled to take my second shot 12 days ago.

lady: dear you Must come in
me: can it wait, im sorta sick

lady: Sick? What symptoms do you have?
me: hourly vomiting, ive lost tons of weight, runny nose

lady: are you having emotional moodswings?
me: other than my week-long rage of anger?
lady: anger? did you become violent?
me: my job allows me to be violent, so no more so than normal. but i was so angry for a little while that my eyes began to hurt.

lady: did you feel suicidal?
me: no.
lady: no?
me: you cant go to heaven if you kill yrself.
lady: but you found yourself in fits of anger for no reason, you were violent, and you experienced flu like symptoms yet you werent extremely depressed?
me: oh yeah, but im a cub fan, im used to that.

lady: you have to come in right away and be examined. you should have been notified. you could get very ill if you dont see a doctor and either get a second immunization as you were scheduled to, or receive treatment for the side-effects.

me: k

lady: im curious, what have your dreams been like this week?

me: no dreams. i dont dream.

lady: everyone dreams.

me: im a cub fan. we only have one dream. no need to show reruns when we’re asleep.