the beautiful and talented and gifted and rad aj mulcahey of sony

got me into this perry farrell show the other night right before the playboy party and without her id never had seen this, which was so sweet and beautiful and just the sort of thing i needed at that moment

thanks aj it was so great to finally meet you and i promise that the next time you txt me in LA wanting to rock i will be there for you now that i know youre not some freaky stalker pr wonk who doesnt know her shit. you totally completely full on ragin know yr shit and you have the best accent.

i hope sony keeps their seattle office and doesnt f up and lose you.

and yes busbloggers its dark, it was a totally sexy show where perry brought out some dancers at the end which was too scorching for even my beautiful leica. some things you should just enjoy in your own experience, so yes the mood lighting was in effect for this song but thats probably just as well.

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