someone sexy just got his ting tings review up

on soundboard

and a little birdie tells me that theres a little video interview to accompny that shit because god gave rock n roll to you.

its 244pm im back in the room getting i think theres a bowling alley above me because i needed a little pit stop to upload pics, charge the iphone, poop, hydrate and reapply some sun screen.

heres a tip from me to you, when you come to sxsw, and i trust you all will next year, book a room immediately at one of the two hiltons, the marriot residence inn, the omni, or the haunted one whose name i always forget. you wanna be in the middle of everything, you wanna take pit stops, you need to take pit stops.

the beauty of this festival is that its long and hard and fast. so you have to pace yourself and take little breaks. otherwise you burn out get sick get overwhelmed and miss the good stuff.

someone was comparing this to coachella outside the alamo brew house saying that the problem with those big fests are theyre all outside and you cant just siddle up to a bar if you want, you really cant take a nap, you cant shower halfway through or change clothes, you cant truly enjoy the experience there or any of those mega fests the way you can here.

but you hafta have a room near 6th and whats perfect about the two hiltons is theyre both on 6th right next to red river which is the other great street for rock.

room 710, stubbs, emos, the mohawk, etc are all on red river and everything else is pretty much either on 6th or just off it a block or two.

the only two cab rides ive taken were rip offs cuz i coulda should walked but i panicked. also right now traffic is really bad cuz theyve closed off 6th street.

the other interesting thing of note is it doesnt seem very packed either at night or in the daytime. which is amazing and tremendous. amazing because its spring break. there are lots of college kidz out here roaming doing their thing but not a ridiculous amount. and i havent seen one fight. this is a pure music festival the way things should be in the perfect town during the best part of the year.

ok now its time for me to watch one of flagrants favorite artists. baby im glad youre blogging again. youre as mysterious and wonderful as always.

ting tings on soundboard + big version of the video interview

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