first no hitter for a cub in 30something years

and they refused to put it on tv.

instead they gave us the white sox

as if the american league mattered

as if having to move the cubs game from houston to milwaukee because of a hurricane wouldnt had meant to some poetically minded in tv land that something special was brewing.

i called directv and said this is why i pay $200 a year extra, so i can see the cubs play. meanwhile my tv says that the game is being blacked out in my “area” as if i live somewhere where it should be blacked out.

LA should be ok to see a game between chicago and houston when its being played in wisconsin.

the lady had me restart my receiver. she had me click around to several channels. finally i asked her to restart Her receiver and click to the station it shoulda been on.

she said it wasnt even on hers.

i said, even DirecTv cant see the no hitter in progress right now?

she said, thats right.

i said i hate you.

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