one of the reasons that john mccain dissed letterman to go on couric

was part two of this interview katie did with sarah palin, some are suggesting

because im not a sexist i will say that she was brilliant amazing unbelievable and totally presidential in this interview. i have zero idea why they dont let her go out and do way more of these interviews. everyone knows that katie couric is a bulldog interviewer, mike wallace in a pant suit. and look at how sarah barracuda hung in there and turned the tables in regards to russia and canada and her executive decisions in regards to both of them.

i have no idea how the polls have started to swing towards barry hussien and joe biden the plagarist.

maybe our pal matt welch has some insight to the most recent mccain move to put the campaign on time out. oh look, welchy has something in todays la times about just that.

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