sometimes i think the terrorists have won

sometimes i think about osama bin laden and i think if he was alive he’d be saying ha ha america via his audio tape or video tape. but then i think pretending hes dead is just naive. like elivs hes alive. if not in body, definitely in spirit.

there are ugly holes where glory once stood. there are literal scars in our largest city. seven years later we have lost more than buildings and a few thousand innocent americans. we’ve lost more than i have ever experienced during my lifetime.

and by we, i mean pretty much the whole globe. if new york city and the pentagon arent safe, in broad daylight, then who or what is safe?

osama, if hes alive, appears safe. we wont even go into pakistan to “hunt him down”. we blew up mosques in iraq, whats so holy about pakistan?

every year i obsess over this day and all that comes up are more questions. and really, what answers have come about since 9/11/07? have we learned nothing new? have our tax dollars really gone for nothing in a year, in two years, in three? what has the torture, the extradition, the waterboarding, the domestic spying, the international spying, the wars, the money, the “intelligence” gotten us in the last few years? every 9/11 they should tell us.

in life, at work, at play, on tv, every now and then you might say “you know what, something sure seems fishy here. someone really isnt telling me something.” after 7 years they should start telling us stuff.

and im a peaceful man, but if dude is really in pakistan, and if we know it, and if pakistan wont let us in, if indeed they are protecting and harboring the alleged mastermind behind all of what we think of when we think of this infamous date, then i say they open up the draft.

a temporary draft.

one where you can sign up for however long as you want to be over there. sorta like how radiohead charged whatever you wanted to pay for their new record. draft for as long as you can take it.

and you go to boot camp, you learn all the things you have to learn, you get in shape, and you get flown over to the border of pakistan. you and the probably 5 million other yous that want to find this guy and like you were willing to join the temporary draft.

and then on that certain date, everyone bum rushes pakistan and all 5 million start doing their thing. and i bet you one of two things happen. someone either turns him over or we find him in no time because if i go to hunt bin laden during a war, im warring. im pissed im not in LA, im pissed its been more than 7 years. im pissed but im focused. and ive come screaming for vengeance.

and i bet there are fellow likeminded folk like me.

but for some reason it seems like the decision makers of this country are perfectly content not to go where the real evil is. and that confuses me and makes me distrust. and when you distrust your own, then maybe evil has prevailed.

for now.

and that doesnt feel so great either.

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