special guest blog post by LEAH!!!

I love Quiet Company for several reasons. The main reasons being that my husband is the heart behind the band and that most of the songs are sweet words towards me. But even if Quiet Company were a stranger- I’d still stick behind them because they are good. And to put icing on their rock cake- they are also humble, sincere, friendly, and hard working. That’s my main sales pitch: Quiet Company IS JUST GOOD.

With that being said, they’re in a contest to play Austin City Limits. ACL is a three day festival where important people play and thousands of people hear. Foo Fighters, Beck, Tom Petty, you name them- they have probably played the festival. Quiet Company is in the 4th round (out of 5) to be able to play the festival. If they win? A ton of exposure. A ton of, in my opinion, well-earned exposure. This band has been working it’s collective rear off for the past 2 years with extensive touring and living music. All you have to do is vote for the next 2 days from every e.mail address you have. And I promise you this, it literally takes less than one minute. To help a band. That you might even sincerely like.

Or at least, do it for the internet and Tony Pierce. Amen.

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