i took a lot of pictures over the last two days

in fact this morning i had to go to my favorite camera store and i saw the saddest thing

this camera store is called Samys and it can get pretty crowded in their parking lot, which is 100% valet (if you need it) and its free.

the rules are pretty simple, if you park behind someone toss your key to one of the valet guys.

someone had parked about a carlength behind the car in front of it and didnt leave their keys with the valet. and of course that earlier car got a little trapped, but because she was the typical LA/Beverly Hills omg-i-MUST-leave-this-second she tried to back up and manuever but of course dented the bumper of the car behind her.

that made her panic more and as i was arriving i heard her on the phone as she inspected the damage she had caused. the whole time she was blaming the other guy for parking and not leaving the keys. and in a way she had a point, but even though this camera store is 3 stories tall, its not 3000 stories tall, all that needed to happen was a page around intercom of the store, a tad of patience, and maybe a little verbal abuse when the dude arrived to move his car.

instead two really nice cars had damage and peoples mornings were ruined.

then i drove to E3 for my second day there. i was greeted by alleged Christians who were protesting the event by informing us all that we were going to go to Hell because we enjoy video games.

i wanted to ask them which part of their bible said “forget all that judge not lest ye be judged” that the good book is practically oozing with, but ive noticed that most bible beating protestors outside metal shows and carnivals have absolutely no interest in biblical discourse. for the most part they are just there to yell and get yelled at.

not my scene. which is funny because i was headed to a convention of “games” where you basically walk around in fantastical worlds to beat the living crap out of total strangers in vibrant detail. the best i saw in this genre was the upcoming batman game that cost tons to make but will reap millions and millions and millions.

nowhere in sight was Balance The Budget ’10 or Super Doctor III.

or games that taught you how to kiss better

or accessories that helped you write better.

but somehow i still had fun.

dan neil who i never really read much before i started working here,and who cuts some funny videos every now did one this week about E3 and he plays around with some of these concepts

and even though i experienced a good deal of very enjoyable sensory overload, i sorta wish religious protesters would cross my path more often

because inevitably they are always at the places where i have the most fun.

interesting reminders that a good time awaits just inside the doors.

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