im gonna have to wear a dinner jacket tonight

or a sports jacket or something

for quite a while it was my belief that the name of the game was to figure out who you are and then stay true to that ideal while being as successful as possible while wearing the clothes that youd normally wear.

i did pretty well by not having to wear ties or fancy shoes for most of my life.

and for a little while there i was in pajamas for the better part of a year and a half.

but jay-z sported an offensive tshirt at his job the other day and i was all wow, now yr talking.

as they say, thats some second level ish.

today im considering fancy shoes but i might just wear regular shoes.

yesterday my buddy called me bummed out that he couldnt get into the edison right by the times building because he had sneakers on and they dont allow that.

“do you know how much these ‘sneakers’ cost?” he complained.

and i thought, you think they wouldnt let jay-z in the edison if he had sneakers on?

or oprah

i said i dont love the edison very much because they also like to kick you out of your table if you didnt reserve it for the entire night.

theres some pretty interesting rules for the dinner jacket event tonight. rule number one was dress to impress, so im stapling my eighth grade report card to my top hat.

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