one of the only bummers of getting older

is you dont get to see your friends as much as you used to.

once there was a time when i saw our pal every. dayum. day.

he was a street vendor outside my house on haight street.

effer would hawk all sorts of wares, tonics and potions.

when hed take his lunch break hed pull out a kazoo and sing little songs of this and that and woo the housewives and ladies of frisco and then sell them cleaning products and finery.

one day he got his hands on a fancy guitar rumored to be that of mr robert johnson, but it turned out to just be an old hank williams instrument so he decided to keep it.

funny thing about that guitar. it was haunted. with love. love and demons.

as ken strummed that demon device all the angels and saints of bygone eras came blasting out and before we knew it ken was on tour and a black man named Charles took over the trinket business.

turns out someone recorded some of ken’s tunes and now you and you and even you can hear the melodies from the past the present and the future of the california cowboy born in new orleans.

and yahoo music, of all places is where you can find it.

listen for free and be amazed.

photo by greg vaine, hat tip matt welch

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