because its friday

and because we have new comments at the busblog

and because meredith j mistletoe asked for it

and because we need to test out the new comments

and because i dont think the Facebook Connect is working (and if it doesnt, use ur twitter account or something else (try them all!)

i will allow you to Ask Tony today

which will be the Last Ask Tony of the year

so help a brotha out and lets test this new comment dealie

11 thoughts on “because its friday

  1. Yo Tony!
    Have you heard LCD Soundsystem’s “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House?”
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    Gotta love two bass players and breakin’ it down with the cowbell, no?

  2. these are like the fanciest comments ever holy shit!
    i am overwhelmed!
    okay my brain hurts i’m hungover here we go- how much do you like bacon on a scale of i like bacon just fine -&gt; without bacon i would shoot myself in the face?
    there is no option for not liking bacon.
    also ooo i’m inspired: what is the worst hangover you’ve ever had?
    (my worst is tied between 2-3 day hangover following 21st birthday &amp; the hangover i recieved after the first night i got into a bar on my fake id.&nbsp; both involved copious amounts of shots.&nbsp; only with the second one did i also wake up to horrendous regret involving a brown-bagger dude that i would later pretend not to know.&nbsp; i am a good person.)

  3. What’s an orphan to do for Christmas in LA?
    Where are all the babes I can make out with come New Year’s?
    Will you please pass on a big hug to Meredith R. Mistletoe and Aunti Raymi for me when you are in babe central, Toronto because I miss them very very much? Add lowercasecarmen to that list. And all my other friends. You know who they are.

  4. change (not the money kind) – love it or hate it?
    (and where the heck can i learn how to use this new commenting system that i despise so much already?)

  5. hmm…telling me i’m not a member of my own blog?&nbsp; oh well… what is your favorite christmas music?&nbsp; mine is emmy lou harris, vince guaraldi, and take 6.

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