do you know i love you?

i do

2010 Pillow Fight Club – San Francisco from bloopy on Vimeo.

i know i dont say it all the time. i know i take you for granted a lot.

there was a time when id post 3-4 times a day and show you my heart and my head and my soul and my anger and my joy and my fears and my everything. and those days are long long gone.

every now and then i will reveal stuff but not even close to what it once was.

ive traded it all for money guns and pills. i mean a respectable career where i have health insurance.

even though ive always been healthy.

i traded it in so my mom can rest easy at night.

she is the one i love the most. sorry. and she is the one who’s happy that this blog is PG-13 and happy that im wearing clothes to work again.

Limp Bizkit may have done it for the nookie. i did it for my mommy.

heres a video our pal Bloopy put together.

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