its been an eventful week in busblog land

tuesday i had an amazing dinner with the beautiful and talented deliciouslife sarah whose review of my favorite sushi place im eagerly awaiting.

then last night i saw Pee-Wee Herman’s new live Playhouse show at Club Nokia with the truest. and tonight i think im hanging out with young karisa.

but back to Pee Wee. he was amazing. and the clip above is from the opening of the show where we are reunited with many of the characters that we remember from our childhood. theyre all back. he even has a few new friends, including this weird bizarre teddy bear dude.

the place was mostly packed. tickets werent cheap, but heres the busblog tip: if youre in the neighborhood around 730pm, just go to the box office and see if they have any $20 “rush tickets”. no you wont see geddy neil and alex, but you might be able to see Pee Wee, Chairy, Konky, Clocky, and Miss Yvonne and King of Cartoons, and lots of folks for just one Andrew Jackson.

really fun show. some of it was borderline adult, which of course everyone loved.

afterwards we were starving but it was cold in LA last night. i was bundled up with a hoodie and a knit cap. not exactly what people wear to the fancy restaurants around Nokia Live. probably the only place we’d have felt comfortable was the ESPN Zone, and the lake show was in the fourth quarter, but seriously, the ESPN Zone? with a girl? yeah, no.

so we went to the Pantry. which isnt really female friendly either, but soooo comfortable. she had the pancakes (breakfast served all day!) and i had the chicken fried steak.

took the redline home. watched Real World. passed out. full. happy. smiling cuz of pee wee. who stills got it. and doesnt appear to have aged a bit.

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  1. err… I wanted to actually comment on your post above this… but the PeeWee video stays overtop of the stupid comment box when I open it so hrmm…”Haloscan” people should have left well enough alone.

  2. yeah this newly “improved” commenting doesnt react well with videos.
    Blogger doesnt seem to want to keep FTP users and Haloscan doesnt care about longtime users.
    might be time soon for a WordPress intervention

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