the thing about sarah palin reading from her hand

.. is she did it during question time

the former governor is flirting with the idea of running for president

of the united states.

and although both mrs palin and mr obama read speeches from paper

imagine if president obama wrote on his hand for this recent Question Time with the GOP?

its hard for me to believe that his critics would instead be today writing about the weather in DC

dont get me wrong, i like weather stories as much as the next guy. just yesterday i gave you posts about the mudslides in LA and the snowstorm in DC. but i dont sit around spending most of my day analyzing politics.

i spend most of my day analyzing the interwebs. and the interweb right now is laughing at the writing on the hand.

as an independent, i couldnt care less who the GOP chooses to run against Obama, but i think that even in the wake of what went down last night at the Gaylord in Nashville, it would be foolish of the Left to underestimate Sarah Palin or the tea baggers.

Mass underestimated the Cosmo centerfold dude who drove a truck and now hes driving that truck to DC. and you need a truck it appears to get around there today.

likewise some would say the GOP underestimated the freshman senator from IL not that long ago.

one thing i love about America is anything can happen at anytime, and anyone can be the most powerful person when you least expect it.

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