happy passover to my hebrew amigos

the book of exodus is my second favorite book in the bible.

seriously, how do you beat Genesis?

but the passover story in exodus has so many awesome moments:

– a paranoid Pharaoh who tries to kill all the male babies right after they’re born
– a baby Moses being floated down the Nile in a little basket
– an older Moses kills an Egyptian who was fighting with a Jew
– Moses talks to the Burning Bush
– the Ten Plagues, which are incredibly creative and bizarre
– ending with the plague that all first born Egyptians are killed at night by an invisible spirit

the the exodus itself is amazing with manna from heaven, water out of rock, a pillar of clouds in the day and a pillar of fire at night

and we havent even gotten to the Red Sea!

so yes i celebrate all of this and as a Lit major and a someone who enjoys great writing,

shalom friends!

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