saw Hole last night

with karisa

our dinner lasted longer than the show

but the thing about rock stars, for me at least, is i love trainwrecks

which is why im gonna go tonight to see it again.

maybe this time she’ll play Celebrity Skin

update: my man August “Downtown” Brown was at the gig and filed a great review on the Pop & Hiss blog.

this is one of my favorite graphs from his review, and more proof that ive got a long way to go if i wanna be a great music critic:

Surprisingly, some [of the new songs] were [fantastic]. “Samantha” had a teen-noir quality that allowed its bleak tale of emotional consumption to go down easy. Love’s voice has lost its hurricane gale, but not always to a bad effect — here her constant rush for breath made the song feel resigned in a smirking, goodbye-to-all-that way. “Skinny Little Bitch” is most akin to the early Hole favorites, and it felt like a rebuttal to the beach-dream underground rock of today’s twentysomethings. The tune hit like a tossed-off, self-deprecating joke at a party but hinted at a deep well of darkness underneath.

read the whole Hole review here.

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