beck reminds us to seek out new sensations

gotta say he stills got it.

beck. the second coming. the golden child. the new bob dylan.

its been a long time since i got excited about a new beck album and it met my expectations. but man, these record club experiments, now this is good.

last week mr hanson released a second inxs cover and its slowed down and stretched out and reimagined and in this bloggers case, rediscovered.

check out becks brassy vocal tone and sultry background singers.

every layer lingers long enough for us to soak them in and actually omg think about what we are listening to.

and what we are hearing is the protagonist telling his audience that hes gonna take them somewhere new.

when was the last time youve had a new sensation?

no like a new one.

really new.

i sure as hell want one. and bro is talking about experiencing one

right now.

not sure if this cover reached that guarantee but it got a lot closer than my mans most recent efforts.

and its nice to know hes seriously still trying.

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