courtney was so much better on friday

than thursday. like so much

i dont wanna give the guy who shot this any criticism, but he missed out on the request that courtney granted when someone yelled out gold dust woman. which led to this.

she was more lucid, more rockin, and had a bit more stamina than the night before. plus she was more willing to push her voice.

great set. about 50 mins. glad i went both nights. and glad this dude videoed both nights.

hole set list night two:

1. Pretty On The Inside
2. Skinny Little Bitch
3. Miss World
4. Violet
5. Letter To God
6. Gold Dust Woman
7. Pacific Coast Highway
8. Nobody’s Daughter
9. Malibu
10. Samantha
11. Celebrity Skin
12. Play With Fire
13. Doll Parts
14. Thirteen

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