if there was a foursquare of rock

youd know ive been listening to the Zoggs a lot

i have the worst car cd player. its really a Sirius satellite radio with a cd player, but the cd player feels second-rate, so it’s super finicky if you put a burned cd in it.

one of its quirks is it will just play whatever damn song it wants.

and then it wont spit out the cd when you wanna take it inside. or omg switch it to something else

so you have to be extremely careful whenever you have the chance to make a switcheroonie.

the other day i got the new Zoggs record in the mail and i put it in the passenger’s seat just so if i got lucky at a stop light i could yank the Oreska Band disc out and put the Zoggs in. after hundreds of attempts the lights just blinked but nothing came out.

other day for no rhyme or reason when i pressed eject it popped out. then in went the Zoggs.

dont really know what happened in the last few weeks on howard stern because the soothing surf punk has been the soundtrack of alot of this april.

then yesterday i found this video some guy made along with some bmx racing from Arizona of all places.

someone told me that Coulter, Tsar’s drummer is playing drums in The Zoggs but you know how people just like to talk.

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