a letter from Tomdog to the busbloggians

on his birthday

Hi Tony,

I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and perhaps pay homage to your now missing bike.

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and commit to doing the Pan-Mass Challenge this year which means I need to raise $5,000 by the beginning of August and I need to be able to ride 100 miles a day for 3 days in a row but the riding is the easy part. Everyone who chooses to do the “long” ride will only be doing a couple hundred miles over 2 days from Sturbridge to gay old Provincetown, but me and a select few other riders will be riding from New York State to Provincetown with pro cyclist Magnus Backstedt (Tour de France stage winner, Paris-Roubaix winner, etc.) who is also a cancer survivor which adds another day and nearly 100 more miles in an effort to raise more media awareness and support for the PMC. Perhaps the best thing is that we will be able taking over the streets of Cape Cod and there’s nothing the stupid racist cops can do about it.

I’m doing this because I took stock of everyone who touched my life who was made ill or was taken by cancer and found the list to be staggering. I’ve lost more than 1 person per year for the last 20 years alone. F! I know that you have also been affected so I was hoping you would consider mentioning my Pan-Mass Challenge donation page: http://www.pmc.org/profile/TL0097 in a future busblog post.

100% of the money that goes through that page goes to cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where people I know who received dire diagnosis have gone for treatments that at least extended their lives, and in some cases saved their lives. Organizations like Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation, who I also support, have administrative costs that take 10-18% of every donated dollar and they’re actually pretty good compared to some others but the PMC gets 100% of the $. When people donate online through my page they will automatically get their tax deduction acknowledgement for next year’s taxes. Also, if they have do a year-end credit card statement, it should show up there as a charitable deduction.

Sorry to rattle on, but you’ve got a ton of smart readers who are most likely to care about something like this.

Hope you are well and thanks for your time in reading this!

not only is tomdog a great guy, but hes one of the greatest guys you’ll ever ever ever meet.

plus he left behind a bar of the best smelling soap in my shower when he last housesit my crib. tomdog what soap was that?

either way, Happy Birthday Tom!!

2 thoughts on “a letter from Tomdog to the busbloggians

  1. Tony – this was incredibly kind of you to do, and thank you so much for your generous donation! In 24 hours we’re well on our way to getting 10% of the goal accomplished. The confidence you exude was a big motivator for me to jump into this thing thinking that I could do it. Many thanks for all your inspiration.
    Many thanks to your readers who took the time to click through and check out my donation page.
    I think that soap I left was an all natural rosemary bar that I got at Trader Joes, the source of many good things!

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