today is Good Friday

the day Jesus was crucified for our sins

i dont know about you, but ive already racked up a lot of sins. some worse than others.

the tricky thing about hell is since Jesus paid for our sins, technically we’re cool as long as we believe in Jesus.

but the catch comes with the Grace of God. cuz even though our sins are covered, He doesnt have to say everythings cool.

and we can plunge into the depths.

for ever.

and suffer worse than this.

as an optimist i want to believe that no one would pay for our sins and still let us fry

but as someone who is constantly surprised by life each and every day, i worry.

part of me says that no matter what sins ive accumulated, none are big enough that the Lord couldnta paid for them. theres no debt that cant be unpaid.

and being a Christian means to have faith.

but still.

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