was at this fancy beverly hills steakhouse

cuz im fancy sometimes

so fancy i took off my dodger cap that i just bought at the gas station.

im not a huge fan of the dodgers, but theyre the local team,

and i love these hats that are in the colors of their biggest rivals.

like they have these green and yellow Giants caps

or the blue and white Angels caps.

this was a black and white Dodgers cap. subtle, but definately

a tip of the cap

to the dreaded new york baseball yankees.

so i took off my hat and placed it upside down at my feet and dug into the menu.

my accomplice saw that in this fancy steakhouse was written these words in the menu

“Lettuce Wedge – Classic and simple. If you feel like tossing your own salad! LOL. $7”

it was so hilarious on so many levels that i totally forgot my cap as we exited.

so yes, for those of you who arent familiar, beverly hills knows how to party.

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