todays been a crazy day

ive sat at my desk a total of 5 mintues today. definitely not what i expected.

youd think if any blog could do a proper tribute to k* on this, her most important day of the year itd be this one, but no, ive failed. again, as per usual

why are people even friends with me? aint my money, aint my fast cars, aint my rims

aint my taste in fine wines, or my immaculate grammar skillz

i met karisa a long time ago at a truckstop outside Baker, California. she was selling warm diet cokes in the triple digit heat. she had a bikini top on and a line around the block.

since then shes been the longest friend ive had who wasnt a girlfriend and who didnt go to school with me.

its sorta crazy really.

karisas inspired me, this blog, and so many things in my life more than anyone except my truest, the bible or the devil. so for that reason she probably deserves two posts today.

unfortunately im too busy to knock em out.

maybe next year.