yes sometimes i do believe the Lord hardens our hearts

mine too.

but i dont think he does it as much as i think.

personally i think the Lord has better things to do than micro manage our lives

but who knows, maybe everything else is running on automatic,

or maybe He created us just so he could tinker with pretty much everything.

which would explain why the weather’s so janky.

if that were the case, i wish He’d tinker with popular music.

seems to me that back in the 60s 70s and 80s there was a lot of divine intervention going on with the rock.

what else could you call it? tonight i downloaded (legally, natch) a greatest hits of Dio.

emusic. 12 units (about $5). theres more great music in this album for five bucks

than the hundreds of thousands being spent to convince me that todays sounds arent laughable.

i could use a little divine intervention from time to time.

i wonder if im hardening my heart to that possibility.