the lights went out at wrigley tonight

for 18 minutes. probably a sign from Above

that there shouldnt be lights at wrigley field.

so rarely are the rules in life so simple:

dont have sex with little kids.

dont put silverware in light sockets.

dont put lights up at Wrigley Field.

even though the Cubbies play the least amount of home games at night, it doesnt matter, they shouldnt be playing Any at night at home. its the principal. its what (used) to make the Cubs different and special – and Better than the rest of the league.

the cubbie curse is so bad that Cub blog waxpaperbeercup is saying that this year there are more empty seats at the friendly confines than people have seen for several decades.

because im a freak, it only inspires me to really plan a trip soon to the windy, but it only enforces my belief that there should be two huge promotions this year

Rickets, i hope youre listening

1. Bring your Goat to the Game day
everyone knows that the biggest curse the cubs are experiencing is due in part to the fact that they refused to allow that famous billy goat entry into the ball park. the way i see it, theres not a cop in chicago who would arrest a man for bringing his goat to wrigley during one of these special days.

2. The Demolition of the Lights night
the lights were installed during a time when the city of Chicago had a weak and temporary mayor. the Cubs were promised the All-Star game if they erected the nonsense. taking down the lights and donating them to a school or a park would not only bring such positive vibes to the city the park and the team, but it would teach the kids that not everything should be done to rake in the most amount of cash or please God TV.

trust me, if the Cubs make it to the world series, it doesnt matter if you televise those games at 6am, people will tune in.

do you know what i love about this blog?


you dont judge me, youre never bored. you let me write about anything.

when i was obnoxious you never minded. when i lie you never call me out.

when im boring you just let it happen. when im excited you never make fun.

when i get obsessed with women you dont tease, when i get into sports you dont bail.

you love my quickies. you adore the epic rants.

but most of all you dont mind when i blog without pants.