whats mj doing?

i understand the kids today and how they want to pretend theyre fashion icons.

and maybe the guy with the most popular sneakers in the world thinks hes setting a trend by busting out the hitler stache in the middle of his undershirt commercial.

a twist on the fab four saying that charles manson stole helter skelter and they were stealing it back

mj, it’s ok for hitler to steal the hitler mustache. absolutely no need to steal it back.

my only hope is this is michaels version of when nirvana found itself on the cover of rolling stone

and in an attempt to retain its street cred wore the tshirt with

corporate magazines still suck

scrawled across kurdts chest.

maybe this is michael’s way of saying yeah im here selling out hawking undershirts

but im such a damn badass, even centuries after retiring, that i can rock this


selling totally blank tshirts.

the kids on twitter are talking about it and one guy ended his tweet