i had such a good night tonight

here it is 2am. tick tock.

the party pooper clock always comes around when its least invited.

anyways drove out to the wessside. not sure why i was doing it. maybe cuz they said please.

not sure what i was in store for.

but it was in a good hotel. one i saw renovated from the outside and always wanted to see from the innards.

and man they did a great job.

suddenly i realized i was at something that had all the markings of a schmoozefest.

if theres one thing people dont believe when i tell, is im black. but i have proof about that one.

the other thing they dont believe is im painfully shy. problem with that one is i fake at not being shy sooooo well.

so here i was at this mixer, meet n greet, whatever it is, im gonna have to look back at the invite cuz man did they sucker me into this thing that no way would i have gone to if i had known what it was gonna be.

it was a very nice room, a patio, a bartender, and a sneaky missing bush that led to the pool and cabana in the back.

and all the people inside were founders of companies youve heard of, or presidents, or total babes, or vice presidents.

zero riff raff.

we have an old joke at the xbi. look to the left, look to the right, if you dont see any riff raff youre it.

since most of us didnt know each other, and since almost everyone wanted to meet new people, everyone wore name tags (provided) where you had to write your name and your company. weird thing about my company is it instantly makes me not look like im riff raff.

so there was super shy riff raff being involved in some extremely interesting conversations and instead of me getting all nervous inside, everyone else was stuttering and messing up because for some reason they thought i was gonna write down their sweet secrets and tell the world. i wanted to say something like “im drinking. either i drink or i work but i dont do both, relax.” but why say something stupid like that?

everyone seemed to know a lot about my company, and weirdly i knew a lot about theirs, even the little ones.

really hard to rank which person i met who was the most interesting, but one lady i met, and this is why its insane to judge books by their covers, appeared to be at least 20 years older than the rest of the crowd. she wore a tshirt from a company she doesnt even work for. and explained she liked that it matched her pants.

after a minute it was revealed that she has homes around the world and got one in a tropical isle because it was in between one town half way across the world and LA. we talked about sushi and i asked her favorite in LA and she told me about one that she says is cheap. i tolder i was new to eating sushi, but it appeared to me that in LA you have to pay a lot to get good fish and she said

you can always find a great deal

on anything.

you just have to look around.

a little while later these two dudes recognized each other and one guy yelled out really loudly and i winced because it was probably the lamest greeting ive ever heard. so bad my brain cannot even recall it right now because it protects me from such things.

before i left i said so long to the host who asked me if i enjoyed meeting anyone. i told him yes. he asked who. i went down a little short list and he said, have you met this beautiful woman behind you?

and america i swear i said, dude i have a long drive home. i cant meet one more person.

but he insisted, and i met this 24 year old singer songwriter who won a contest where the prize was she got to sing during a super bowl commercial and she was given a record deal.

after looking over the deal with this major label, she passed, and gets millions of views on her youtube vids.

this video, for example has gotten 1.6 million views in less than 3 months.

i was all, oh so do you play shows at places like the Hotel Cafe. and she was all omg im playing there in a few weeks!

she handed me her cd which she put out independently and btw gorgeous and i looked at the back of it and didnt notice any songs and i said, cuz im a bozo and should just stay at home 24/7, i dont see any covers do you ever do any covers?

and she said not on this cd, thats all originals, but on youtube i have about 40 or so videos that are just cover songs.

drove home down the 10 listening to howard stern interview willie nelson

so content i hadnt realized i didnt eat dinner, just dry cheerios and now its past bedtime.