the craziest thing is i get in more trouble

for the things that arent true on here than the things that are.

even though this blog has clearly stated that this is a beautiful work of fiction.

“but you know tony that a lot on the busblog is true”, they say.

as if they KNOW.

later this month im going to see Tony Clifton, a character made famous by mr andy kaufman before he “died”.

one of the exciting things about the show is theres only going to be 4 performances and one of them, at least one im being told, is going to be done by mr Jim Carey, who you might remember played kaufman in the film Man on the Moon.

Clifton, many believe, was often played by kaufman’s longtime manager.

but what if andy never died and this is his way to dress up in costume and heavy makeup and perform to a crowd who hopes that its him but would never really truly think that is him? it would be wonderful.

dont people want to believe that theres a beauty in the hazy fuzz between truth and fiction?


they want to believe that things are either true or false.

they hate that inbetween.

me, i love it. which is why im glad our president doesnt bust out his long form birth certificate. its why im glad our last president hid all of his old national guard documents.

and why im glad Jesus doesnt come down here and say wassup yo.

do we really want a Day of I Like You where anyone who’s ever had a crush on someone says so via email?

do we really want a Night of Lets Do It where everyone whos ever wanted to… does?

no. id argue that mystery is the magical goo that keeps all of this interesting.

which is why i’ll never give you a ride on chopper one.

and why in real life i let so few people visit my many mansions.

its just way better this way.

and you know it.

now go take on the day.

danielle’s making it work

danielle is overdue for a new busblog photoshoot

but it is a tad heartbreaking

I also had my edd hearing in appealing unemployment
that I am gonna lose for sure.
its the man against one lowly little girl.
So that is basically the crap I have been dealing with…
but at least they all have outcomes and I can deal
and then close the chapter.
I am so not going to complain right now.
I am going to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas
out there. Wish I was one. Maybe some day.

keep yr girl in yr prayers, she deserves a break