almost every week i talk about UC Santa Barbara

greatest university of all

i was torn between going to UCSB and UCLA when i was a gas station attendant in Beverly Hills

id ask people with UCLA stickers or parking passes what they thought of that school and theyd say oh its great. have fun!

id ask customers with UCSB license plate covers and bumper stickers what they thought of being a Gaucho and theyd be all

O M G!

and theyd tell me where to live and where to eat and what to do and where to party and how to party and what teachers were awesome and on and on and on

so i visited the campus and wasnt that impressed because it was foggy that day and gloomy and i didnt notice how close to the beach i was

so since i was transferring in and i knew i had the prereqs completed for both schools i just said f-it, the first one that writes me to accept me gets me.

the first letter i got was from UCLA

it said Dear Bruin…

and i was all damn, i wonder if thats what Kareem’s letter looked like.

the next day i got one from UCSB that said Dear Gaucho

it didnt really give me the same thrill.

but this is what won me over: for some reason i had to call the school and the person was soooooo nice, and it reminded me of that spirit that i remembered from all its alums

also, and i swear this is true, i thought “oh santa barbara, its further away from the craziness of LA, i bet it would be easier to study there.”

so i took the plunge on UCSB.

best decision ive ever ever ever ever made.

second best? making the busblog.

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