because im a zillion years old

ive seen almost every SNL

back in the old days it was originally called Saturday Night (which is why old Chevy Chase intros have him saying “Live from New York, it’s ‘Saturday Night'”.

although the skits were usually cutting and funny, i usually stayed tuned for the musical guests who were almost always great.

last Saturday Kanye West did something that hasnt been done in a very long time on SNL, he wowed the audience. he was creative and fascinating, and turned that bland small stage into something different and artistic and sexy.

not since David Bowie stood in a sarcophagus have i seen something so compelling in the musical spot that i rewound it over and over to take in its majesty.

often people ask me what i would love to do after i leave the Times (leave yr resumes in your computers, haters, i aint ever leaving) and i think id want to either be

1. the guy who sets up the schedules for major league baseball
2. the editor of Playboy
3. the guy who figures out who will be the musical guest of SNL

because there could be so much improvement in each of those roles, and i just may be the man to do the job. (after i am much much older.)

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