now deliver

see that soup? that delicious looking spicy coconut milk chicken soup with mushrooms?

only thing in the world that could make karisa hurl eases my upset stomach and soothes my soul.

the truest yesterday asked me if she could bring me anything and i said Palms Thai.

but because i love her so much i didnt want her to catch my deliberating bug. so i said no never mind.

then she asked dont they deliver? and i said no. sadly no. unfortunately no.

so i said i’ll order from an inferior place, dont worry. i live minutes from Thai Town for god sake and this is exactly what delivery is all about.

i go to palms thai anyways just to see if things have changed. and bam look at it, no better words could i have seen: Now Deliver.

ordered up my food, threw the wastebasket filling over with used kleenex into the dumpster, washed my hands, and when the next fine lady asked what she could do for me i said, just send me a nude.

your boy had turned the corner and was making a recovery.

yes ive been blogging while sick:

Rand Paul coordinator Tim Profitt admits to stepping on woman from before Kentucky debate

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