today a blogger was born

and because of it the big man came to town

but i couldnt chill with him long cuz my truest bought us tix to frisco on virgin

but first we went to my favorite sushi place which turned down the lights and sang for me

got in to SFO got a shuttle from a long haired hippie freak playing whale songs and tom waits

checked into the hotel our room was horrible so i went down and said bro and he said oh and he stoked us

no like seriously from a closet of a room with no view to the best view ever and lots of room

took a quick shower, found a sweet freaky bar with a great view and drank

they played neil and all these groovy mellow tunes and we took it all in and smiled

found a liquor store, bought some bubbly and chocolates

ran into a taqueria and couldnt resist the 1:59am snack

now shes slipping into something uncomfortable and im counting my blessings, starting with you and you and you

9 thoughts on “today a blogger was born

  1. If you’re still in town on Sunday morning, this weekend is the first time SF’s “Sunday Streets” event (where they close off a bunch of streets for pedestrians and cyclists and vendors and dance classes and stuff) takes place in the TENDERLOIN.

    Right across from Vesuvios is the greatest dive bar in the world. Spec’s. Please go there tonight. It’s the alcove in your picutre…
    I hope to run into you in this great city this weekend, if the citygods deem it so, it will happen.
    ps City Streets will be in The Civic Center, which is t-loin adjacent…

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