i get a lot of mail at work

most of its crap. obvs.

but i will tell you this

if you make little hearts out of the dots in I’s

and if you use two Love stamps

and if you seal the letter with a heart sticker,

odds are i will listen to your (probably, but hopefully not) terrible cd.

nice job Alisa Shamrow!

since the year is winding down imma feature some of my favorite pics of 2010

in the last few weeks

this one was from a huge immigration rally in may in downtown LA

funny thing about taking pictures of people, i get very nervous that people will be upset that im stealing their souls.

they dont seem to be upset that im stealing their souls

especially if i ask.

hola may i steal your soul? i ask.

dont mind at all, senior! they say right back.

and often they smile.