2010 tonight will say when

this year was as good as any year i suppose. good stuff happened, bad stuff happened.

in the long run, fortunately there was more good stuff than bad.

traveled more than i normally do. saw more movies than normal. went to the bowl more.

bought more new cars than normal. got luckier than normal, wink. took better pictures.

the blackhawks became world champs, the cubs became whatevers the opposite of that.

interviewed bruce willis, hugh hefner, and bababooey.

kissed a girl who looked like alecia keys in the late night mist in texas.

was completely amazed and in agreement with who tops the best concert of the year: Monotonix

cleaned up my credit which strangely was the only thing i accomplished from my resolution list.

didnt give blood enough didnt work out enough didnt eat right at all.

but i think i only missed one or two days of blogging.

resolutions for 2011: be more free and effective

and drastically change the busblog

happy nude year

hey our friend Heather has a new gig

and a new book

first about her new job… from the world famous Rabbit Blog (which is about the same age as this one)

This [Monday] morning I received several letters from concerned readers reassuring me that I’d find paid work soon. Worry not, fair readers! I left my job at Salon for a staff critic position at The Daily, an iPad-only publication described here and elsewhere. I’m writing about movies and TV now, which means that I occasionally shower, put on starchy pants, and drive across town to Beverly Hills to sit in the dark with other professional hermits. Exotic!

I have a fun new job. That said, I completely understand why many would assume that I’m unemployable. Like most people, I’m ambivalent about work, and feel strongly that any form of employment amounts to grabbing ankle for The Man. I feel this way not because I’m an idealist, but because I value the idiosyncrasies of my mediocre mind far more than I should, and feel that my mind should wander hither and thither, without concern for deadlines and paychecks and other such trivialities. My anti-capitalist impulses derive from nothing more honorable than idle narcissism.

Her interview with Smith magazine is really good and insightful, and gives you a good taste of her memoir “Disaster Preparedness”. But the best part is at the end when this exchange occurs:

Q. Finally, Heather Havrilesky, what’s your Six-Word Memoir?
A. Sluts’ dreams really do come true.

Heather’s book comes out today.

Disclosure: I dj’ed Heather’s wedding several moons ago and i think shes the tops.

looking back at 2010

thru busblog pics… september

hollywood hills, sept 2
i txted karisa cuz i hadnt heard from her in a day, and last i saw she was passed out
i said where you be girl and this is what she txted back

los feliz, sept 3
learned that Machete don’t text

sunset blvd., sept 4
while trying to show the truest how one should model, she showed me how to take a picture

hollywood, sept 6
someone came over to hang out so we hung out

malibu, sept 7
truest wanted to go to malibu. who doesnt love malibu?

downtown LA, sept 9
mark milian tells lindsay he’s leaving us

silver lake, sept 13
alie and georgia mixed drinks at the cha cha cha, so i put on a new shirt

new york city, sept 15
had to show the truest i still had it

new york, sept 16
effed up and created a tornado in booklyn

ny > philly > ny via chinatown bus, sept 17
went to philly to see the coolest art museum ever, then returned that night

meat packing district, sept 18
ate and drank with ana

brooklyn, sept 19
had a pretty sweet makeout sesh lookin at this

ny > chicago, sept 20
finally hung with AJ, flew to chi to wish happy bday to moms

chicago, sept 21
we acted like tourists in downtown chicago

suburbs, sept 22
hung out at my sisters house, played with the new puppy and the kids

hollywood bowl, sept 25
sound of music sing a long

downtown la, sept 27
113 degrees and then the thermometers broke

la times, sept 29
on mark’s last day dan gives him a $10,000 bonus

its windier tonight here in Hollywood than ive seen in almost 10 years

stacey butler here seems really sad that she chose tv news reporting as a career.

LA has had some weird weather lately. in the last few weeks the local ski mountain has gotten seventeeeeen feet of snow.

right now the wind is blowing 35 mph in Burbank has to be at least that in Hollywood

i opened my door to see if my plants were ok and the wind tipped its cap and said

sir can you please shut the door, we’re working out here and prefer privacy.

except for some reason the wind had a british accent so it sounded like




erryone loves john lennon

who once sang about Instant Karma and how its gonna get u

karma, a buddhist concept, is actually something you want to avoid cuz it gets in yr way

and lessens the chances of you being Enlightened at that moment.

you want to be in the moment.

which moment?

the moment where buddah does something wacky like simply raise a flower

and errryone gets it, and becomes enlightened right then.

pretty girl said go find yourself. get lost. go somewhere you dont know.

and it puzzled me cuz i was pretty sure i knew exactly who i was

but she was right, i had lost my place in the novella called our lives.

so i found myself somewhere new.

but no one said you have to be there forever, just long enough to be open

like really open.

and 30,000 feet above the usa, in the dark, with yr eyes closed

listening to bob dylan radio on xm as bob plays old blues numbers for you

you just might find yourself ready for a little epiphany.

and you might get off that plane

refreshed, revitalized, and ready.

instant light.

ready to shine.

a trip down memory lane circa 2010 via busblog pix

.. hows about August?

barnsdale park, aug 2
impromptu picnic turns into a free show

santa monica blvd, aug 2
last known sighting of the tranny del taco (r.i.p.)

glendale, aug 7
test drove a camaro, dude wouldnt let me go on the freeway, so i didnt buy it

the griddle, hollywood, aug 8
two fancy models ordered breakfast, talked lots, drank water, this is what they left behind

west la, aug 11
sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side

cal state long beach, aug 12
taught these high school kids a lil about online journalism. our futures bright.

hollywood, aug 13
the truest showing me what her african walking stick turns into (no airports noticed)

the vista, aug 14
saw scott pilgrim vs the world, best movie of the year

sunset junction street fair, aug 21
my favorite LA street fest never fails

sunset strip, aug 28
people were so drunk, and by people i mean these two girls, not the smashing pumpkins (who played)

la county museum of art, aug 29
sass came into town from vegas, so we had a photo shoot

santa monica place, aug 30
they reopened a mall, so the truest and i took it in

demand media, santa monica, aug 31
was asked to speak on a panel about the web and stuff, reluctantly went, had fun

people tell me their secrets

and to me thats more flattering than anything

they trust me and thats such a blessing. they confide in me and listen and im honored.

sometimes they just lift their tops and say step right in my heart.

obvs thats fascinating as all get out when it happens esp when i dont think ive earned that level of respect & frankness.

but you know whats equally amazing? when folk who should completely trust me dont. peeps who have seen me do my thing under pressure, when the s goes down, when the fit hits the shans and watch me remain calm and cool.

wouldnt you think that those people would be ok sonnys a solid dude, the genuine article, the real deal, lets believe in him?

but they dont.

instead they’ll put all their eggs in the biggest phony baloneys basket like i just gave them a $3 bill, and i promise you im not saying this in a whiny way, cuz i dont care, im just watching, and frankly it’s their trip. i know who i am.

it’s just mindboggling when intelligent minds see someone who they know is consistent and true, but choose everything else instead. intentionally. w/o spite.

crazy for any of us to compare ourselves with the messiah, but one reason i love the Good Book is because if you read it, not even closely, but just read it, you’ll see that anything effed up that has happened to you has happened to the Lord God Jesus except way worse.

but there was Jesus, walking on water, healing the sick, turning loaves and fishes into sashimi and sake; and when push came to shove ZERO of his disciples believed in him. like really.

peter the alleged Rock dissed him three times before the cock crowed, phillip was all hey Jesus before the Romans kill you can you show us The Father, and even modern day Christians refuse to love and trust and lay down their arms the way the Prince of Peace preached – but they’ll sure wear the cross and plaster that fish on the back of their mini van and quote from this passage or that one to give the impression that theyre something, when theyre pretty much the opposite.

so how can i take it personally when it happens to lil ole me:

a dull old blogger from the streets.

no one said this do-se-do of birth school work death was going to make any sense

or be fair or logical or fun all the time.

and what i love about Jesus is he promises it’ll definitely suck for everyone

for longer than we expected.

so hang on and love those while theyre loving you back.

and dont be the dumbass u hate.