your love is my drug

“life is too short to get all serious and not have fun”

in todays paper August Brown reluctantly grants Usher Michael Jackson’s crown.

“For better or worse, Usher is the last man standing in the field of nimble, pop-theater R&B. And he’s making the most of this unique lack of competition.”

not so fast, Mr. Brown, perhaps you’ve overlooked Sean Stephenson who dances better in a wheelchair than ive ever hoped to dance atop two legs.

i wont admit to the circumstances surrounding why i watched Glee the other night

but you can probably guess what was twisting my arm.

i cant say that ive ever liked gweneth, and when someone said that she was at UCSB when i was there, i said sorry but pretty much 2,000 girls looked like her when i was there.

which might be why she dropped out pretty quickly,

but maybe she knew she was going to be the star of stage and screen in a matter of years.

the college let her in, rumor has it, because a very good friend of the family, michael douglas, a ucsb alumn put in a good word for her.

all i know is she surprised me the other night, her singing wasnt bad, her dancing was cute, and her outfits were perfect.

she didnt show a wide range of acting prowess in the hour long episode but i dont think thats really the point of glee.

i was entertained, and for all of you out there dreading turning 38 one day, ms paltrow has met it head on and appears to be handling it pretty well.

even surrounded by a bunch of 20somethings in cheerleader outfits.