a few things im thankful for

howard stern
indoor plumbing
broadband internet
1 terabyte portable hard drives for under $99
whoever invented the chimichanga
geoff boucher for showing me superman vs mohammad ali
steve jobs
all things flushable

rooftop hotubs
christmas lights
plain m & m’s
soul food
janes addiction
breakaway sweat pants
all things pharmaceutical grade
mini churros
white boards

horse collars
apple juice
“unnecessary” quotemarks
geminis and scorpios
personal fouls
jack in the box
foam hand sanitizers
all things disposable

after parties
pre parties
virgin mary tattoos
pre approved financing
a rebounding stock market
all things brazilian
all things french dipped
competitive sleeping

death metal
streaming netflix
regenerating cells
digital photography
american apparel
tumblr, for saving blogging
stub hub
the tolerance of those around me
santee alley
all things california grown

jessica simpson
hash tags
ad tags
triple blades
complete seasons
under wiring
all things under
all things black
sarah palin
traffic maps
high definition

& zombies

it was a rock show

at a strip club on thanksgiving wednesday

and even though at home i was tired and happy and cozy in my jammies w/the heater going

when the hot babe said wanna see some rock in an unusual place i was all hmmm

lets just say its a brilliant way to debut your band to america