today is the 24th birthday of one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet



danielle and i met many moons ago when we both worked at E!

i remember clearly how one of the producers said omg tony youre going to love this new girl we hired.

i thought ah shes a cub fan? shes into balding black men? she can levitate?


turned out she was a free spirit who loved bukowski and posing for pictures and wearing hot clothes and writing and embracing life will full force.

the first time we talked we connected right away. we talked and talked and talked.

after that we went to lunch together almost every day, and even went on coffee breaks before and after lunch.


rarely would we go to dinner. or hang out at night. which was fine because really we were cushioning the misery that we both shared working in that lifesucking building.

for some reason danielle moved to san dieger to get her masters, which she got, but as anyone who has spent much time down there knows, sd can suck the life right out of you too. which is what is happening to our fair princess.

she needs to move outta there. she needs to find her prince charming. like X said many years ago, shes gotta get out (get out) get out (get out) get oooooout.


its remarkable that such a beautiful person inside and out can have such bad luck with the opposite sex when all she wants to do is love and celebrate life, but such is the curious case of danielle k.

i heart her so, but even i am repulsed by the 619 so ive only visited her a few times, which makes me a bad friend, which i am. but this weekend or next i will see her and give her a great birthday gift.

until then, as the little drummer boy said, i have this gift for you parumpapumppum.


happy birthday danielle – the reason its so sunny in san diego is because of your warm soul

and sparkling eyes

and the way you skinny dip in the pacific thinking no one can see you