the curious case of the concept of the ninety five dollar headband

women of the world lend me yr ears.

this quest for beauty has gone too far.

theres the lipo and the implants and the lip implants and the rump implants

all of those have their place, i’ll grant you that.

but a $100 headband?

ladies, i know you claim that you dont get dolled up for men. sometimes i even believe that. sometimes i actually trust you when you say that you buy shoes accessories and clothes to impress your girl friends.

or you do it for yourself.

i dont buy it all the time, just sometimes. usually when im drunk and just want the conversation to end. f

whoever it is that you’re trying to please: dudes, chicks, yourself – there is no reason ever to buy a $100 headband. even the model in that picture cant believe how ridiculous it is.

dont get me wrong. i spend crazy amounts on dumb dumb things too. 1 ticket to see the lakers play cost $100. dinner for two at the best sushi place in LA cost a tad more than $100.

both of those things are over in a few hours and the latter turns into poop when its over.

but the $100 headband is poop when it starts. its poop for your head. poop for your fragile self esteem. poop poop poop.

the $100 headband is a gateway drug. it makes it ok to spend $800 on a purse. it makes it perfectly fine to buy $65,000 SUVs when you live in the suburbs.

when your mother kissed you when you were a little baby and told you she loved you and told you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world is still true.

give your $95 to the poor. in one shot.

you’ll feel 95 times better inside, i promise.

one of my favorite bloggers wrote these lines:

“the idea that there is just one person out there for you is NUTS.”

even though i dont think that there is just one person out there for us, i think there is one person out there who is super dooper awesome for us. moreso than everyone else.

for example i think my first girlfriend ever, mary, was the best first girlfriend ever for me. not sure shed be the best person for me for right now, but for then, what a dream come true.

likewise i think my first california girlfriend, the one who “took my innocence” was the best one for those years too. i learned so much from her. so much.

both of those young ladies taught me how to write, for example. and how not to be so much a midwestern dbag. which i was times a hundred.

then there was college and the girls of isla vista. each one more perfect than the next leading up to jeanine, the first girl i ever lived with.

we were so poor. didnt matter. we were so in love. a love that lasts till today and when we’re together we hold hands and kiss and hug and tell each other we love each other. but would either of us be good for each other now? probably not.

the irish girl in frisco who used me for my body was perfect.

those who came to california to meet their favorite blogger were perfect.

and then theres the truest. who somehow has something magical insider that i am fascinated with. something that cameras cannot capture. something that words cannot describe. unless the words are cheesy, of course.

but still im curious about lots of other people. which is why i read so much. and why i like to talk to people and listen to people and take pictures of people.

who are all perfect too.

friday i get to interview a sorta famous person. on video. he was so in love with a woman that he made the most embarrassing video to get her back. now hes married to someone completely different. i will ask him what he thinks about soul mates slash true loves and what he learned from all of that.

and of course, i will bring back that info for you and you and you.