always drinking

, always street

life is so filled with tradeoffs.

i used to think, think of the little kid tony and do the things he’d do.

do the things he’d want to do if he was an adult.

use that spirit inside him, and the accessibility mr hollywood has been blessed with.

be inspired by his dreams back when he didnt know that dreams can really come true,

instead of selling out to the ridiculously limited possibilities

that you think are all you have to choose from.

people say im creative but when i was a kid a blade of grass was a sword

an old sock balled up was a super bowl football

and the 3-acre christmas tree “forest” was an endless foreign country.

nowadays i sit at a desk with a phone that could call anyone,

with a computer that can dial up anything

and a job capable of reaching millions in minutes

and im stunned with how many roadblocks i create for myself

instead of rocketships to infinity.

when i call myself a sellout, its because i have substituted dreams

for mediocrity.

for no good reason other than i forgot how i got here.

but at least im still drinking.