what i did over my Christmas vacation

making a murderer

  1. watched all of Fargo – weirdly i liked season one best
  2. made money
  3. brunched with ali and aj
  4. told a babe to meet me in a DTLA alley at midnight for new years
  5. watched all of making a murderer and had all sorts of feels
  6. played a bunch of NBA y2k2015
  7. played a bunch of NBA Jam
  8. clipped the cats nails
  9. ate poorly
  10. then ate well
  11. bought MLB.tv streaming for this season
  12. changed my sheets


i have one job today

jesse jackson and marvin gayei have to do my laundry and get some apple juice

then i will go back to watching How To Make A Murderer.

i have lived in this apartment since april 2001. nearly 15 years.

part of me feels like a loser for not having a mortgage by now, and giving a chunk of my paycheck to people who dont really love me.

how do i know? they gave me a Christmas card with a $5 Starbucks giftcard in it. Seriously, $5?

i have thought about laying down a new kitchen floor and adding a washer dryer and maybe a dishwasher, but i always thought, nah, imma be outta here soon. why bother? plus they’ll probs tell me no.

so the other day, as the year was ending, i was looking at my credits and debts and then i did something i never ever ever do: i looked on Craigslist for something used. namely a used washer dryer.

$500, delivered? hell, i made that driving Uber on NYE. maybe i should just go for it and never have to struggle to put my dirty drawers in a sack and shlep it to the mexican coin laundry where either they have telenovellas or soccer on or THEY TURN OFF THE TVS EVEN IF THERES A GREAT NFL GAME ON.

so i called the landlord and left a message to give them a heads up that i’m gonna pull this trigger very soon. it wasnt really asking permission, just a “hey if theres anything you want me to make sure to do, please lemme know.”

they cant really tell me no because everyone else in this building has one. but i never expected them to paint my purple bathroom or red living room white, so who knows how they might respond.

something tells me the lack of love comes from the fact that this year, even after my 14th year of rent control increases, i’m still shelling out less than a grand a month for this magical space. but it’s still money and i pay it every month a week early, an xbi trait, and ive never been anything but an angel tenant.

either way, hopefully this will be my last trip to the coin laundry. ever.