saw the Martian on weds and the Revenant last night

revenantthe Martian was pretty good. actually really good and im very happy that i saw it before i saw The Revenant because omg

Chibo and Inuerudo and Leo

and mother nature

and Tom Hardy

and that rapey bear

and wow wow wow

i was totally blown away.

i had heard mixed reviews so my expectations were low. which is a great place to be. but through lots of it my mouth was wide open

like wow look how pretty things are and woah whats happening is he gonna die? mama mia.

but when i got into work today some of the people were like me: give them all the oscars

and others were like the critics: meh

and i was like, were you in the same theater as i was? but they were. which shows to go ya: you cant please everyone.

speaking of, my laptop is on its last legs, so if i dont busblog this weekend dont fret, im alive, im just trying to figure out how to fix that bad boy.