love in the afternoon (1957)

love in the afternoon

one of the great things about being a man in america is no matter how old we get we can still fool around with babes in their 20s.

that, to me, is the theme of the gary cooper + audrey hepburn + billy wilder romcom

do i buy it? do i think that audrey has daddy issues when her papa is maurice chevalier?

no. it is not established why shes into the cavorting, forgetful, bland cooper.

gary cooper and audrey hepburnthe only other love in her life has no game, but cooper does? he’s got so much money he’s able to pay a quartet of gypsies to perform live music anywhere he wishes, but audrey doesnt seem impressed by material objects

except for that fur

and that hat

if anything i think shes attracted to his style. it is carefree and simple. and stylish.

because when you’re a handsome man with money, no matter your age, life is a parade of women of all sorts

why wouldnt you soak it all in?

which is where the gunman comes in. the only interesting part of the film to me. most of it is damn audrey’s gorge or damn coop got old.

but as the nra says: when theres a gun – theres always fun.

there werent enough guns is the problem. not enough stumbling blocks.

youre telling me fine as audrey is, theres no other men knocking on her door? theres no other husbands trying to get at coop?

theres no other songs those gypsies can play???

there were some moments of LOLs and decent lines, but for the most part i was all what a waste of talent.

two stars

one of my new years resolutions is that every week imma see a classic movie i aint never seen before, last week was imitation of life.